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New Fantasy Story, Chapter 2 “Gifts”

It was quiet in the boys room, the time of night when Mister Sand had brushed away the daily fear and pain of life in the orphanage and replaced it with the hopes and joy of youthful dreams.  The only … Continue reading

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New Fantasy Story, Chapter 1 “Bubble Burst”

“You are lowborn and will never amount to anything!” The words stung worse than the lash that sometimes crossed Justyn’s back, a demoralizing combination of truth and fear.  Truth that, yes, he was born the lowest of the low, the … Continue reading

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The Electric Man

  [4,218 words] Buford Ellington Warrick had been an electric man for thirty years and never, never, in all his days with the power company, had he ever met a customer whom he disliked more than Mr. Jacobson on the … Continue reading

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Bleed out

[It’s the end of the world and as Harry contemplates the unthinkable, an unlikely friend tries desperately to talk him out of it.  5,232 words]

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