Hi!  I’m Ben, welcome to my blog!  Ben_Scared is going to be devoted to sharing my stories of horror and fantasy with the world.  While these stories are “complete” I do think they still need some polish and will certainly appreciate any constructive criticism you may want to send my way.

If you like what you read here, please reblog and share with others!  Also, you may like some of my other blogs so give them a try:

My Ideal Woman  :  It’s a celebration of all the things I love about women, expressions of my enthusiasm and delight of the female mind and body.  I talk about relationships past and my hopes for the future.

Talking TV  : While I watch a fair number of TV shows when I can, there are a handful that are so good, so thought-provoking, that they demand “water cooler” discussion after watching them.  Unfortunately I don’t get a chance to chat with people much about these shows, so I thought I’d start up a blog to connect to fellow fans, put up my thoughts on the show and hear what you’re thinking.


These are the thoughts and opinions of myself, unless otherwise specified.  Like something you read? Don’t steal it. Give credit where credit is due and bask in the good Karma you’ve earned.  If you think I’d be perfect for any writing projects you may have, please contact me directly at ben_writing67@gmail.com with details.

All reviews are unsolicited and done solely at my discretion without freebies or compensation unless otherwise noted in the individual post. I am open to participating in product or service reviews, but reserve the right to give my unabashed opinion in the review at my discretion.

Creative Commons License
Ben_Scared is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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